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WALK – CYCLE –RUN In aid of Id-Dar Tal-Providenza – Sunday 16TH Ocotober 2016 The Malta Union of Bank Employees – MUBE appeals to all its members to support this fundraising event in aid of Id-Dar Tal-Providenza. The third edition of WALK CYCLE RUN in

MUBE supports ! FIA Road Safety Awareness Campaign

According to World Health Organisation figures, 500 children are killed each day in road crashes globally. In a bid to raise awareness of this road safety crisis, Jean Todt, President of the FIA, the international motoring federation, and Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General

The relevance of Yoga in our daily life

It is not surprising that today there is a greater awareness of the benefits of yoga and that this is on the increase. More and more people are seeking refuge in the practice of yoga as a way of finding balance, achieving and maintaining inner

Necktie Colours – Does It Really Matter?

In contemporary society it is likely that men are required to wear a necktie as part of professional or festive attire. The tie is often very noticeable as professional suits have a tendency to have a dark solid colour.  Considering the tie colour there is

Experience Norway

Travelling abroad for the holidays is often associated with warm sandy beaches, sunny days and colourful umbrella cocktails with names you can neither remember nor pronounce, but how about trying something different? Norway has a diverse landscape with snow covered mountain summits, urban city life

An Indian Wedding – Part 2

To Sari or not to Sari……. what does a western lady wear to an Indian Wedding? Before we embarked on our journey to Southern India I found this description of a sari and wondered …can we pull it off? ‘Sari is an Indian women’s statement to

An Alternative to London

Perfect alternative to London – Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle upon Tyne is located in the North East of England and triumphs as a less expensive alternative to London with prices ranging 10 – 15 percent lower than the London average. Newcastle upon Tyne, or commonly

An Indian Wedding

PART ONE – What happens when a Maltese girl falls in love with an Indian boy and decides to get married… India?! Yes………. we panicked, yes…………. we were concerned but in the end it was what she wanted and a group of family members decided


In the real world, professional success is not only determined by the number of qualifications and certificates hanging on that wall or the excellent business skills or experience which you may have under your career belt. Your personal appearance is considered to be one of the

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