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Standing Committee of European Central Banks Unions. The SCECBU is composed of the Trade Union Organisations and Staff Associations representing the Personnel of the European National Central Banks and of the European Central Bank subscribing to democratic values and recognizing the European Human Rights Declaration. Further

UNI Europa (Brussels)

European integration and globalization means that trade unions can no longer be effective if they work solely at national or local level. In order to win better conditions for their members, unions representing workers in specific industries have to act together across Europe and internationally.

UNI Global Union

UNI Global Union provides a voice and a platform for workers at the international level in jobs ranging from the night janitor in your office block to the big-time Hollywood director of your favourite movie. With 20 million workers in 900 unions worldwide UNI fosters


The Confederation of Malta Trade Unions – CMTU was set up in August 1959 to improve generally the economic and social conditions of employees, improve friendly relations between the federated organizations and to further cooperation and mutual consultation between them. The CMTU has no political

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