Why join MUBE?

1. MUBE will help you as a member to have your say, and voice your opinion in a way that leaders and management will take note. By combining members’ opinions, the message from the workers is stronger than just individual workers moaning and not complaining to management.

2. MUBE will provide representation for tribunals and disciplinary actions, and provide legal services when required. This can save time, hassle and money and ensure that the person representing you has the necessary experience, and has your best interests at heart.

3. MUBE campaigns and represents you as a member at both local and international levels on various issues. The latter can range from new legislation or EU directives, issues concerning methods of remuneration, work-life balance, conditions of employment, workers’ rights, remuneration, compensation, etc.

4. MUBE will provide support for specific issues relating to your area of work.  While a general conditions may be suitable for the majority of workers, there may be instances where employees have to work odd hours, from home, at weekends, in dangerous situations, deal with sensitive issues, and so on that merit specific attention.  MUBE will ensure that your interests are protected in such cases.

5. MUBE negotiates Collective Agreements for staff and as member you can participate in the consultation process by putting forward your request and most importantly you will have the right to know what’s in the final package and vote for it before it is accepted.

6. MUBE is at the forefront of ensuring that Health and Safety rules and regulations are adhered to. All employees have the right to safe working conditions and a ‘danger’ free environment.

7. MUBE membership helps to get better pay and working conditions. By campaigning on behalf of members, MUBE is able to negotiate better pay and working conditions.

8. MUBE carries out research and participates in seminars, conferences, EU projects/for a and other events to better understand HR and employment trends, the latest work practices and what policies are in the pipeline.  This is then used for your personal benefit.

10. MUBE membership helps to ensure job security, as the union is able to voice its concern and officially speak on behalf of its members.

11. MUBE entitles you to benefits such as Life assurance cover, discounts, etc.