About Us

MUBE is the only union in Malta which negotiates collective agreements in most major banks and has the advantage of specialising and of being concentrated exclusively on the financial services sector. The MUBE is absolutely independent and has NO connections with any other union or political affiliations. It is the union created by bankers for bankers!

The number of members affiliated in the MUBE currently sums up to approximately 3000 members, a high membership count in the national Banking, Insurance and Finance Sector, which currently employs circa 6200.

The MUBE enjoys full recognition in HSBC Bank Malta plc and Global Payments Ltd whilst holds substantial membership at BOV plc in the managerial and clerical categories. Full recognition is also enjoyed at Banif Bank (Malta) plc, Lombard Bank Malta plc and APS Bank Ltd in all categories. In recent years MUBE has gained recognition at Mapfre Middlesea plc and MSV Life plc for employees in the clerical and executive grades. Full recognition warrants the exclusive bargaining powers when negotiating Collective Agreements at Company level. Individual membership is also held at the Central Bank of Malta and several other small financial institutions.

The Collective Agreements negotiated by the MUBE can simply be described amongst the best in Malta, because only the best is good enough for our members. The MUBE is one of the most organised and professional Unions on the island with membership recognised in the clerical, signatory and managerial grades in the three sectors mentioned. During the course of work in their career, employees are bound to encounter problems, which they might not be willing and/or able to solve themselves, for a number of reasons. This is where the MUBE steps in.

MUBE members will be able to persue the implementation and exercise of their rights and privileges, as a sacrosanct right to do so. Members have access to continued advice from Union Headquarters on how to tackle a problem as and when they encounter it, giving them the possibility to avoid mistakes, before these actually happen.

Mission Statement

We work to regulate relations between members and their employers and maintain that standard of living that is compatible with their social standing within a challenging globalized world.

The Team

William Portelli
Apart from the role of President of the Malta Union of Bank Employees, Mr. Portelli presently occupies the role of Vice-President of the Confederation of Malta Trade Unions – CMTU Read More.
Joanna Wallbank
Administrative Secretary
Joanna  has been active within MUBE since 2002, initially as a council member and,  2007, as the Administrative Secretary of MUBE. Joanna has had a long career within the financial Read More.
Jonathan Bruno
General Secretary
Jonathan Bruno has been an MUBE member for the last 22 years and formed part of the MUBE-BOV group committee for a number of years. In 2015 Jonathan became the Read More.
Michael Gatt
Council Member
Michael joined Bank of Valletta p.l.c in 1991 and became a member of MUBE in the same year.  He is currently posted at the bank’s Multichannel Banking Unit and is Read More.
Joseph Sultana
Council Member & Treasurer
Joseph joined Mid-Med Bank in September 1996 and was posted at Zebbug branch. In February 2001 he moved to Card Operations where he spent more than 11 years. In January Read More.