Consultancy Services

MUBE will provide support for specific issues relating to the employees’ area of work.  While  general conditions may be suitable for the majority of workers, there may be instances where employees have to work odd hours, from home, at weekends, in dangerous situations or have to deal with sensitive issues that merit specific attention. MUBE will ensure that the employees’ interests are protected in such cases and will provide professional advice and assistance to its members to deal successfully with any employment issues.

MUBE negotiates Collective Agreements for staff and members have the opportunity to participate in the consultation process by putting forward their requests and most importantly all members have the right to vote in a general meeting for the final package before it is finally signed and accepted by the employer and MUBE.

MUBE is at the forefront of ensuring that Health and Safety rules and regulations are adhered to. All employees have the right to safe working conditions and a ‘danger’ free environment.

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