Riso e Risotti – a degustation event of rice and risotto dishes prepared by the World’s Ambassador of rice, Gabriele Ferron

eatmania-ferron-2012-risotto-con-il-cavolfiore-e-capesante2For the second time, Eatmania in collaboration with Italian chef Gabriele Ferron organised Riso e Risotti – a degustation event of rice and risotto dishes prepared by the World’s Ambassador of rice, Gabriele Ferron. The event was held at Tartarun restaurant in Marsaxlokk on two separate evenings.

Guests were welcomed with a Prosecco cocktail and enticed by a selection of rice crackers topped with sun-dried tomato pate, local bigilla paste, and chicken pate with onions, celery and carrots. Gabriele Ferron kicked off the event with a short but glamorous speech pointing out the importance of rice in the world and its symbol of prosperity and fertility. He spoke highly of Malta and was adamant that the combination of rice with local ingredients such as fish, vegetables and herbs will produce delicious and genuine results in the kitchen.

The menu consisted of a series of degustation dishes designed by Gabriele Ferron and chef James Schiavone from Tartarun restaurant to combine a varied palate. An arancina with squid ink placed on a tomato and chilli relish was served as an amuse-bouche. The first course consisted of mixed vegetables and red mullet fillets battered with a rice flour mixture and deep-fried. This warm salad was served on a selection of leaves and dressed with home-made citrus mayonnaise.  The salad was followed by a rice flour creamy polenta topped with fresh clams and a tomato concasse. Next in line was a train of 3 diverse risotto dishes: a carnaroli risotto with fresh basil, mint and wild fennel; a carnaroli risotto with cauliflower puree and baked scallop; and a vialone nano risotto with artichoke hearts and fresh anchovy fillets. The degustation was concluded with a classic tiramisu alternatively prepared with cream of rice.


The two degustation evenings were a successful celebration of rice, a culinary insight into the properties, taste and texture of rice and risotto. Gabriele Ferron’s charming character, together with his passion for risotto, endorsed Riso e Risotti 2012 as a milestone in Eatmania’s journey towards the discovery of rewarding gastronomic experiences.


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