The relevance of Yoga in our daily life

yoga picture smallIt is not surprising that today there is a greater awareness of the benefits of yoga and that this is on the increase. More and more people are seeking refuge in the practice of yoga as a way of finding balance, achieving and maintaining inner peace, calm and well being.

Yoga can be used as a practical tool in our daily life to improve our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Many take up yoga to improve their physical fitness or as therapy to treat a physical ailment. In many instances, it soon becomes a ‘need’; an important means to deal effectively with daily situations, rather than an alternative form of physical activity.

Through yoga, you become more attuned to your emotions. An increased sense of awareness enables you to have a better mental control. You become calmer and more tolerant, and eventually end up reacting in a positive or at least not in a destructive way when dealing with difficult or unpleasant situations. Your tolerance threshold is improved to the extent that you are less likely to become angry, frustrated and upset.

The ever increasing life stressors like excessive workload demands, health, relationship and financial problems can negatively influence our well-being. All this can lead to anxiety disorder, mood swings, insomnia and even depression. It is scientifically proven that yoga is an effective therapy to help individuals facing health challenges at any level to manage their condition, reduce symptoms, increase vitality and improve attitude.

Yoga is surely not a ‘fashion or a trend’ that will lose its relevance by time. Since its origin dates back to over 4000 years, it has continuously and certainly proven its significance. With today’s fast living pace and the ever increasing daily stressors, an appropriate tool like yoga is an asset to our life. Its net effect is like recharging a battery, making it easier to improve your quality of life.

Written by Ray Cacciattolo: Certified Power Yoga Instructor -Yoga Alliance, Yoga Teacher – C.H.Ed (Dip.Yoga) & Sport Yoga Instructor

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