The 2014-15 Healthy Workplaces Campaign ‘Manage Stress’

healthy workplacessmallThe 2014-15 Healthy Workplaces Campaign ‘Manage Stress’ was officially launched last week with a press conference in Brussels. The campaign wants to draw attention to the importance of tackling stress in the workplace. Using 25 different languages to reach workers, employers and their representatives across Europe and beyond, this campaign is the largest of its kind in the world.

Stress is the second most frequently reported work-related health problem, which is why its management and prevention is the focus of this year’s campaign. EU-OSHA, who are running the campaign, provide organisations with the support, guidance and tools to do so.

The human suffering caused by stress is immense and the financial costs are substantial. Therefore the benefits of tackling it are wide-reaching, as the three representatives underlined. Commissioner Andor praised the effort and resources which have gone into the campaign saying that this will ‘pay dividends for both workers and businesses and in turn benefit the competitiveness of the EU economy and European society as a whole’.


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