50 Years of Service to our Members and the Finance Industry – An Achievement and a show of True Resilience

The Malta Union of Bank Employees – MUBE reaches its 50th Year milestone on 22nd May 2022.

Throughout the years following its foundation, amid changes in political scenarios, through one crisis after another, through thick & thin and some say against all odds in a changing digitally transforming world of work, MUBE has shown resilience and managed to stay strong. 

Insisting on being consistently professional, protection of the Union’s autonomous status has been the key and the forte of MUBE’s founders, its officials past and present with the support from the members it represents who are Bankers, those who work in Insurance and in other Financial Institutions.

It is about strong leadership, distinctly about good governance and the values its past and present officials embraced and continue to adhere to. Over the years, MUBE remained autonomous, solid, reliable and consistent throughout. 

The Malta Union of Bank Employees wishes to thank the Founders with special mention of the late Joe Rizzo and all those who in the past and present have in some shape or manner shown loyalty and solidarity throughout the 50 years of continuous service. It is this very faith in the cause and support that has allowed MUBE to achieve a high level of resilience by continuing to insist on a People First approach whilst the challenge becomes more intense. 

Collective Bargaining, Flexibility, Hybrid Practices, Wellbeing and Sustainability are five focal points that MUBE will be engaged with as the Digital Transformation era heavily impacts the Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry.

The MUBE has always been a prime mover of innovative practices that will remain synonymous with the introduction of flexible working conditions in favour of working parents in an ever-changing local labour market. Furthermore, negotiations of well-balanced sustainable agreements with the employers have also been an achievement to be reckoned with. 

With the members’ loyal support, the Malta Union of Bank Employees seeks to renew and looks forward to the future by building on what has already been successfully achieved.

Hail the Founders of MUBE!

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