Europe-wide initiative to empower people aged 55+ kicks off with Malta meeting

10708658_938088722887033_306536389970811021_o89A Pan-European project aiming to improve the employability of individuals aged 55+ has been launched under the EU Erasmus+ programme and the first meeting was held in Malta. This project will primarily address the challenges tied to this age cohort with specific focus on the financial services industry.

The Intergenerational Learning Partnership Over 55 (ILPO55) Erasmus+ project aims to focus on the management of individuals aged over 55 by providing them with tangible tools and approaches to improve their participation in the workforce. It is envisaged that eventually, ILPO55 will serve as a benchmark for other sectors.

The project seeks to support the imparting of skills and the transfer of work-based competencies from employees aged 55+ to the younger generation of employees in the industry. The benefits of adopting this approach would be the increase in employee activity and efficiency. The strategy is expected to lead to the reduction of skills mismatch and to enhance entrepreneurial behaviour, thereby resulting in better use of competencies and work experience of persons over the age of 55.

The partners of ILPO55 are: Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), Effebi Association (Italy) – an HR association, Institute of Banking Education NBS (IBE NBS, Slovakia), Institute of Financial Services (ifs – Malta), Malta Union of Bank Employees (MUBE, Malta), Mediterranean Bank Network (MBN, Malta), NIBE-SVV (The Netherlands), an educational institute for banking, insurance and investment sector, Scienter Espana (Spain)- a research, consulting and services organisations, Uninettuno (Italy) – a consortium of 43 Italian and foreign universities, and ANUP-International (Romania)- specialising in adult education.

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