EuroCadres Final Report on Young Professional and Managerial staff facing changes in the work place.

brochureyoungprofessional‘Even in countries where social cohesion is strong and general unemployment rates are low, unemployment levels of young people tend to be much higher than the average. This is unfortunate, not only for those young people out of work, but also for the economic prospects of the countries in question as exiting the crisis and future growth will be dependent on developing the knowledge economy.’

EUROCADRES is a recognised and an active social partner representing almost 6 million professional and managerial staff.  With more than 15% of employees holding professional or managerial positions, EUROCADRES represents almost 6 million employees in all sectors of business, in industry as well as in the civil and public services. UNI Global Union helped set up EUROCADRES, which is associated to the ETUC, but is fully independent and addresses only P&MS issues. EUROCADRES focuses an efficient force of the trade union movement to develop and stimulate all professional levels of work in Europe.

UNI P&M is a core part of the UNI Global Union and is a member-led group that coordinates highly qualified and unionised professionals, as well as managers with significant responsibilities, in 900 affiliated unions more than 150 countries. UNI is also actively involved in the coalition of P&M workers.

Members may be interested to read this publication, one of the latest European Commission funded guides from EuroCadres, focussing on ‘Young Professional and Managerial Staff Facing Changes in the Workplace’.

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