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Tackling Work-Life-Management: Recommendations for Trade Unions

Based on the results of the project “From Work-Life-Balance to Work-Life-Management“ 1. A multilevel task: Work-Life-Management in a Trade Union Perspective 2. Recommendations: Trade Union Approaches to Work-Life Management – Trade Union Support for Members – Collective Bargaining – Working Time & Work Location – Workplaces

‘Il-Gebla tal-General’ Gozo, Malta

A fungus, Fungus Gaulitanus, which grows on the rock had medicinal qualities and this fungus was used by the Knights of St. John. They valued the fungus so much that they guarded the island. A penalty of death was imposed on any one trying to

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A VIEW ON HOW EUROPEANS MANAGE TO COPE WITH WORK AND PRIVATE LIFE – REPORT TO UNI 2010 Europe is facing both an increasing global competition and a huge demographic shift. The European work force needs to improve its efficiency and skills in order to face up

At The Core of the EU and Finance Policy in the Making

It is fascinating being amongst the Brusselistas galore and tasting the environs transpired from the fundamental core of EU integration.  This kernel is characterised by the common European economic and political foundations dating back to the mid-twentieth century, the ceaseless path to better the unity

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