bif02-09The project aims at the activation on the ECVET network in order to set ground and create realistic opportunities to apply the ECVET in the BIF sector which employees more then 6 million people in Europe. It clearly addresses the need, as stated in the ECVET consultation document, of “a system whereby people can follow through the process of qualification while moving from one learning context to another. ECVET thus aspires to be an information exchange tool to help individuals take full advantage of learning acquired, in particular as a result of transnational mobility, whether the context was formal, non-formal or informal.”

Due to the nature, the size and the relevance of the BIF sectors with its intrinsic necessity of people’s mobility and continuos need for competence developments, criteria even more important in this time of economic and financial crisis, the B.I.F. Network becomes a concrete response to this need and a step forward towards the adoption of the ECVET system. Seminars aim to provide a full overview on the credit system and its implementation, promoting awareness of ECVET (European Credit System in Vocational Education and Training) in the target group of Banking, Insurance and Financial sector and related VET and Higher Education across Europe.

A Dissemination Conference was held at the UniCredit Training Centre in Rome on the 24th October 2011

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